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You’ll be amazed what a small-town art store can stock! We bring in top quality, environmentally-friendly materials at competitive prices for almost every medium! Highlights include System 3 Acrylics, Maimeri Classico oils (Italy), Robert Simmons brushes, Stockmar Waldorf supplies, yarn, paper and canvas! Colouring books and loads of pencil crayons are in stock as well.

Here are our main suppliers:

Heinz Jordan

Our Canadian distributor for: Golden acrylic mediums, Bruynzeel coloured and graphite pencils, and Fabriano papers.

From this UK manufacturer we stock: FW acrylic inks (2oz. for 5.25, or 3 for 14.95), Robert Simmons brushes (all our Simply Simmons brushes retail for 3.95, even the big ones), System 3 Acrylics (150ml for $7.25, 250ml for $10.25), Georgian Oils (225ml tubes for 11.95!) and much more!

System 3 Original 150ml tubes

From this US distributor we stock: Arches watercolour paper, Holbein Heavy Body Acrylic, Mindware colouring books and toys, NuPastels, Mabef easels, transfer paper and a myriad of other useful supplies!

cá cược bóng đá đổi thưởngMercurius Waldorf Supplies
Our most popular items are the Lyra Colour Giants, beeswax crayons, coloured wool felt… all beautiful, natural supplies made in Europe.

Apollon Canvas?and panels
This region’s best prices on quality, Canadian-made stretched canvas. We stock gallery thickness (1.75″) and regular (.75″) in both regular tension and super-firm. The super-firm stretchers have extra-thick bars and are key-able. Sizes range from 40 x 60″ ($49 reg. tension gallery), down to 6 x 6″ ($3.25). Customers come to us from as far away as Owen Sound and Waterloo to buy our canvas!

large canvases for sale

A unique, locally-made item is the Corker, a simple knitting tool for children and adults (9.50 each).

Fountain Pens by Lamy and others
With the advance of the digital world comes a return to our hand-made origins. Fountain pens are a popular addition to our store, and we carry German-made Lamy Safari, as well as inexpensive Chinese pens and even a local craftsman, Stephen Sadikian.

Lamy Safari pens with cartridges and converters Lamy Safari pens with cartridges and converters